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Fashion Designers Expo announces the launch of LOVE OF URBAN DESIGN (LOUD)!

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Fashion Designers Expo has announced its team's transition into a new project. Love of Urban Design (LOUD) will be a true representation of the team's expression of creativity.

Fashion Designers Expo

With 13 years of fashion productions from Miami to Los Angeles, FDE had been dubbed the fashion week for the emerging industry. The visionary founder, Karine Melissa, received title from the World Fashion Organization as the USA President and Global Creative Leader for Fashion, As the team grew, the vision grew bigger too. As a reflection of what the team stands for, LOUD was created. The team will now focus on celebrating the work of urban creatives through a new production, LOUD Week.

Visionary Founder | Karine Melissa

"The most rewarding memories of Fashion Designers Expo will be the relationships that were developed along the way."

Creative Director | Nandy Gelin

"We are taking our events to another level - celebrating the Creatives of Our Culture.

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Celebrating the Creatives of Our Culture

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