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Jasmine Ford + Love of Urban Design

Raw Cut Soaps Co.

ABOUT Raw Cut Soaps Co.

Raw Cut Soaps Co stands to empower people by washing more naturally and giving our customers a more trusting and safer choice when it comes to bar soap. Each bar soap is handcrafted and hand cut with love with all natural and organic ingredients to ensure a more positive/moisturizing/safe way to ensure a more balanced and healthy lifestyle when it comes to skin needs.

The formula that was created for this line was designed for people who have sensitive and common dry skin conditions. There’s always a go to bar of soap at the drugstore but we are reaching to our consumers to look for more healthier choice with less chemicals. These bar soaps are safe for kids and people with all skin conditions.

Who inspires you in your area of expertise?

When I really think into it I never had someone that inspires me truly. It’s usually life experiences that give me my drive and ambition to put me in better predicaments. But when it comes to this brand, my heart felt intention is to make lives more comfortable and to genuinely feel good about themselves.

So, to answer that, I’m inspired by the people. Everyone who has struggled with being comfortable to their own skin and everyone who needs some sort of relief when it comes to the struggles of skincare and skin treatment.

What are significant obstacles in your industry as an urban creative? How have you been able to push through these obstacles in your industry?

Honestly, I try not to look at obstacles as something I have to “push through”. I’m more about easing my way through struggles. I just put in my best work with all good intentions of love and light. I trust the process and I trust in God so things are usually steady and calm in this industry for me. I make note to continue to educate my self and be apart of my community as much as possible by being the face of my brand.

Share a great moment or accomplishment in your career?

I can say the moment when I had my first “ah ha! “ moment in this journey so far was literally the first initial idea to start the whole brand it self. I’m a licensed esthetician and I specialize in full body waxing. Being in the industry for 5 years I gain a healthy clientele and that was my general source of income.

Once covid-19 hit in the beginning of 2020, I lost and concerned on how I would be able to make some time since I couldn’t be in close contact with anyone. I had to think fast and at the moment of trying to find a passionate outlet, the thought of bar soap came up. A soap that was luxury but affordable, simple yet did exactly it said it would, safe for families who struggle with children with eczema or other sensitive skin conditions. I was born with servers eczema so all my life I understood ingredients and what works very sensitive skin.

All at once, all of these thoughts finally made sense. I understood why college didn’t work out, and why I had to work so many jobs that dealt with customer service, fast pace, skill, and tact. I understood how I could finally give back the best way I know how, and that’s skincare.

What advice would you give to an aspiring creative who wants to thrive in your industry?

Pray, have faith, have discipline, trust yourself, and create a regime for productivity.


Instagram @rawcutsoap

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