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Tiffany Dotson + Love of Urban Design

The Seasoned Pan

ABOUT The Seasoned Pan

My name is Tiffany Dotson. I am a 38 year old trained Chef and recipe tester. As well as a mama to 3 beautiful girls, I have an amazing husband & they all love to eat as well.

I cook from my roots and what brings me joy. I have found that laughter and food pair VERY WELL together.

My passion is to serve and love people through my food. I have a heart for hospitality and giving people comfort in knowing they are cared for with each bite and a full stomach.

That's pretty much it!! No one goes hungry on my watch...there is always room at my table for you!

Who inspires you in your area of expertise?

Wow, that is a long list but I guess I will start with my top four. I love the history and simplicity of the legend of country cooking Edna Lewis always instills. Her style of cooking is just beautiful and full of deep history. Next would have to be and although not southern is Ina Garten. I love her. The entertaining style she brings and how her dishes are always associated with gatherings and a good time.

My new-found inspirations over the past four years are Angela Davis of the Kitchenista Diaries so obsessed with her creativity and richness of her food. The Kitchenista is never shy to play with ingredients and it is so inspiring. Lastly, Mrs. Ayesha Curry. Mrs. Curry's style is also from her roots but she is also also of fun to watch in the kitchen. As well her relatability for me is something I really enjoy being a mom of three as well with a full plate, but never misses the opportunity to get her kiddos in the kitchen! LOVE THAT!

What are significant obstacles in your industry as an urban creative? How have you been able to push through these obstacles in your industry?

For me, it has honestly been motherhood. As right now a personal chef, and having a one-year-old who still breastfeeds and I homeschool. What I have had to do is find the village that needs me right now in this season so to speak.

My clients are mostly single mothers or big families with mamas who just need someone to drop off dinner so they do not have to think about it. In this audience having my kiddos around is part of the fun. We have made so many family friends this way, long after the cooking is done.

As well, I have a wonderful husband so he is usually my delivery boy for drop-offs! Ha! He eats well so he doesn't mind!

Share a great moment or accomplishment in your career?

A great moment for me was working with my favorite spice company Badia Spices on various projects & events. They are such a family-based business and want everyone to succeed you couldn't ask for a better team of people to work with!

What advice would you give to an aspiring creative who wants to thrive in your industry?

DO WHAT YOU LOVE. It is no fun cooking things you do not like. I have been there. It is all fine and well to look up to chefs, admire their work but use that as inspiration, not a copy sheet. The world already has that chef, bring your heart and creativity to the table. You have something special that people want. Who knows that originality that you bring could lead you to a collab with your favorite chef!


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